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The beer-fueled bash spilled into the streets around FirstEnergy Stadium Antworten

as delirious Browns fans walked — some staggered — while chanting for their new hero Authentic Kevin Zeitler Jersey , the streak buster."Ba-ker May-field," they screamed.They've named their new starting quarterback. Coach Hue Jackson isn't quite there yet.Jackson said he isn't ready to "officially" identify his starter for next week's game in Oakland, but all signs point to Mayfield taking over in Cleveland following his dazzling NFL debut on Thursday night.The No. 1 pick in this year's draft replaced concussed starter Tyrod Taylor late in the first half and led the Browns (1-1-1) on four scoring drives as they erased a two-touchdown deficit to beat the New York Jets 21-17 and end Cleveland's 19-game winless streak — the NFL's second longest since 1970.Jackson seems to only be delaying the inevitable: Mayfield's the guy.And if Jackson doesn't' pick the celebrated and uber-confident rookie, he won't have to jump in Lake Erie again. Browns fans will throw him in. This one's a no-brainer.Jackson, who gave his players the weekend off, wants to watch more tape and speak with his staff and general manager John Dorsey before making a decision that Mayfield has already made for him.Although Jackson wouldn't publicly say Mayfield is his new starter, he gave strong indication he's leaning that way by telling reporters on a conference call, "I think that you guys all feel good about where things are headed."It's Baker time.Out of respect for Taylor, who is in concussion protocol with his third head injury in 13 months, Jackson wants to tell his two quarterbacks his decision in person on Monday before sharing it with the world.Cleveland's plan was to bring Mayfield along slowly and groom him under Taylor, who guided Buffalo to the playoffs last season. But Taylor's injury along with his struggles in three starts has altered the Browns' strategy.Taylor has completed 41 of 84 passes for 462 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions, adding 125 yards rushing on 16 carries.But even before he was knocked from Thursday's game, Cleveland's offense was going nowhere as Taylor was 4 of 14 for 19 yards and was sacked three times. Jackson sidestepped addressing whether he was going to pull Taylor at halftime, but it had to be running through his mind because anyone watching the game was thinking the same thing.Mayfield's first regular-season game as a pro couldn't have gone much better. He completed 17 of 23 passes for 201 yards and was sacked once in just a little more than one half. His stats could have been more impressive if not for a drop by sure-handed receiver Jarvis Landry, and rookie Antonio Callaway letting a long throw down the sideline slip through his hands."He made some tremendous throws," Jackson said. "Obviously, he was able to move the team. Played with some rhythm. Got the ball into the playmakers' hands and gave them chances to make plays. There are some things that he has to clean up, obviously. We can't have the ball out on the ground. There are some progression things that we will work through."Overall for his first game out under the lights in that environment in that situation, he handled all of that extremely well and played well."Most impressively, Mayfield did it on a short work week and without taking any snaps in practice with Cleveland's first-team offense. In fact, the 2-point conversion try he caught in the third quarter came on the first time he had ever run the play.But just as he did while winning the Heisman Trophy at Oklahoma Authentic Genard Avery Jersey , Mayfield elevated everyone around him, and in turn electrified 60,000 fans and a national TV audience.Mayfield took it all in stride, displaying humility that some wondered if he had after some questionable on-field antics while he starred for the Sooners. This game ranked with any of his wins."This one is definitely up there, being the first NFL game that I have played in," he said. "First regular-season one that actually counts. It is definitely up there for me. I have had some great memories, but I am just getting started."NOTES: Other than Taylor, LB James Burgess (knee) was the only other notable injury against the Jets. Burgess started for LB Christian Kirksey, who missed his second straight game with an ankle injury. ... Jackson said he's not worried about giving his players so much freedom over the weekend. "We can't follow them around. We can't baby them," he said. "At the same time, we know who the guys are who we have to have an idea of where they are and what they have been doing. They have been good about letting us know, and we will definitely stay in contact with the majority of the guys."Baker Mayfield’s College Offense Part II: Counter If I had to choose one play that encapsulated Baker Mayfield and Lincoln Riley’s offense, it would probably be the Counter play. So much of what the Oklahoma Sooners did was based on Counter, and they ran it incredibly well. (See Part I of this series if you missed it) Counter’s origins and play descriptionMany football plays can be traced clearly back a few generations of coaches but have somewhat murky origin stories. Counter, however, was invented by Tom Osbourne at Nebraska. Osbourne had incredible success with the play in the 80s and 90s, and Joe Gibbs liked it so much he stole it and used it with his famous Washington “Hogs” teams. From there, the play exploded. Yet another hat tip to Chris Brown, who writes more in-depth about this history.Counter is a gap-blocked run, meaning unlike a zone run there is a predetermined gap through which the RB is to run. Every counter play has three components:Down blocks on the playside:Pullers from the backside (almost always two, but in certain situations only one)And some form of misdirection away from the eventual direction of the playThe traditional counter play fakes the run away from the eventual playside Womens Larry Ogunjobi Jersey , allowing the pulls time to develop. Meanwhile the angles that players can take on the down blocks give them a great advantage to washing players down the line. As the pullers reach their targets, they have momentum toward the playside of the run. This action of down blocks headed in one direction and pulls headed opposite creates a natural split in the defense. The first puller kicks out the end man on the line of scrimmage, the second puller wraps to pick someone up on the second level, and the back runs through the opening. It is power football, and it is beautiful.Osbourne’s original version pulled two backside linemen to wrap around the play, with a fullback or TE plugging the gap created by the pullers. Gibbs saw the gap left by the pullers as a liability in the pro game (I wouldn’t trust a fullback to effectively seal Myles Garrett or Aaron Donald in this situation, would you?), so he switched the role of the FB and backside tackle:This switch had the added benefit of making the Counter run overlap with the Power run even more than it previously had (i.e. a lot), which created additional practice efficiency. Now the tackle’s job was the same on both plays, meaning he only had to practice one technique.Lincoln Riley’s Oklahoma CounterFast forward to 2018 and a lot has changed on the cutting edge of offensive football. Lincoln Riley has taken this classic running play and made it the centerpiece of an offense that evolved from the “throw it every down and then throw it again” offenses of the Air Raid. With Baker Mayfield as his quarterback, he developed an offense that was as beautiful as it was lethal.From my perspective, there are two parts to Riley’s genius. The first is his creativity and the new ways he is able to deliver, disguise, and combine tried-and-true ideas on the football field. The second—which is perhaps the reason for the duration and the degree of his success—is the way that everything in his offense fits so well together. So few plays in the offense are playcalling cul-de-sacs, leading down one road only to awkwardly circle around at a dead end. Riley’s offense is more like the traffic grid in Futurama, a 3-D network where Riley can go anywhere at any time. Almost every play is setting up a fake for another play or looks exactly like a third play until the receiver breaks the opposite way.Riley’s drive and courage to be “different” and the way he has seemingly no wasted space in the playbook are both firmly in step with the Air Raid ethos, even if he is running the ball more than he is airing it out.Base shotgun counterOklahoma’s typical counter play has reverted back to the old Tom Osbourne style with the GT pull (though honestly they run so many variations of the play it is hard to call any variation “normal”).They run the play from a shotgun spread formation, a development which should hopefully surprise no one:While the GT pull was the typical style of blocking during my film study, there were other times where a FB or TE would pull instead:There were also times where the Center pulled. This appeared to be an adjustment or line call based on the defensive front:On these plays the misdirection element to the play is the threat of the backside QB run. Instead of having the back fake one way and head the other, the offense presents the threat of running to the backside of the play with the QB. There is no way to be certain without inside information, but this could be just a fake or it could actually be a read. My best guess is that they have one call for each.The added benefit of this is that the QB can act like a blocker by optioning a defensive player Authentic Darren Fells Jersey , thus removing the need for a tackle or FB to seal off the backside. This means Riley’s variation has effectively added another blocker to make the play even more deadly.Regardless of who pulls and what the misdirection is, the elements remain the same:Down blocks to the play sidePullers from the back sideMisdirection awayConstraintThe real key to Oklahoma’s version of the play isn’t just that it is sound on a whiteboard, or that they players are well-coached and execute it well (and both things are true). The key is that unlike the traditional counter play where the misdirection is a simple step by the back, Riley’s counter series is true misdirection: the ball can actually make it to the back side of the play on any given down.There are always down blocks to the playside and pulls from the backside, but the misdirection element of Counter takes many forms.If the linebackers are keying the running back, Riley can draw upon a back-away (“BASH”) type of counter play that sends the pullers in one direction and the backs the other:If Oklahoma were to always fake the pass to this back and run to the pulls, linebackers could just follow the pullers to the ball. But as with seemingly every piece in Riley’s offense, the fake isn’t a dead end:That’s the same play, only the ball goes the other way. This could be a type of option for Baker to keep on the Counter or throw the swing route to the back, but it looks to me like a predetermined call.Here is a wrinkle where OU snapped the ball directly to the running back and faked a pitch to the QB on the backside (by my count this fake affects 4 OSU defenders):Is that Baker Mayfield under center!? Just kidding. It’s a counter from the wildcat in a jumbo package on 4th and 1:OU could also read a backside player but save Mayfield’s legs by optioning between giving the ball on counter and throwing a quick pass to a back headed the opposite way. To make it even harder to defend, they would cross backs in the backfield:The play above looks like a true read to me, where Mayfield keeps the ball long enough to decide to give or pull it. Here is that same play but the read takes Mayfield to the downhill runner:And with players like Dede Westbrook and Marquisema Brown, they ran plenty of jet motion along with counter as well:And again, that Jet motion isn’t just a fake, they give it to that player:If you get caught watching the guards and lose contain, one of the fastest skill position players in the FBS could be eating up yardage there.RPOsAs if that weren’t enough to keep track of, Riley, Mayfield, and the Sooners could dial up a number of Run Pass Options off of the counter play to keep defenses honest. Here is a slant thrown behind safeties coming up to stop the run:And here is an out thrown against a soft corner, who must play deep because his safety help is up for the run:With both plays, Mayfield is reading the defense’s reaction to the pulls to determine whether to hand the ball off to the run or throw it to the wide receiver.Mayfield Authentic Damarious Randall Jersey , the point guardAre you dizzy yet? Defenses sure were. With this seemingly endless array of variations, Riley could get the ball into the hands of his playmakers and keep defenses on their heels. Oklahoma could pull anyone, they could run the classic counter play or give ball to the misdirection player, they could run the play from any personnel grouping or formation in their offense, and they could attach RPOs to it as well. To a defense it’s a nightmare. But to OU, it was just counter.I haven’t even touched on the play action pass game off of this play yet, and you better believe OU had a good one.There is something about the multiplicity within this play that reminds me much more of the way that NFL offenses work than the typical Air Raid. The idea that they are basing all of this off of one play is classic Air Raid, but the shifts in formation, the tinkering of who does what job on the play, and the way they can attack a defense’s keys is much closer to the way the best pro offenses operate in my opinion. While the classic Air Raid offenses dared you to beat them even though you knew what was coming, Lincoln Riley seems more willing to make gameplan-specific adjustments to what his offense does.At the center of it all directing traffic, getting people lined up and on the right blocks, and making the option reads when necessary was Mayfield. This was one of the most overlooked aspects to his game during the draft process in my opinion, his ability as a “game manager”. I know that’s typically a derogatory term, but much like a point guard he was leading the offense and making it run smoothly even when he wasn’t the one with the ball. As he said in the Behind Baker series to Patrick Mahomes, another signal caller for an “Air Raid” offense:Up NextA look at the OU passing game

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