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problems have antworten

Chris Long is many things. Troll is now one of them.

The Eagles defensive lineman recently had some fun on Twitter Ronnie Harrison Color Rush Jersey , with a stream of messages pretending to criticize and demean hockey. In multiple tweets, he acknowledged that plenty of hockey fans may not get the joke.

Long elaborated on the situation on Tuesday in the Eagles’ locker room.

“It actually was too many. I’m like, cringing now,” Long said regarding the extent to which his gag worked on hockey fans, via Tim McManus of

“The problem is, I’m going to be like walking through Canada at some point and just get jumped,” Long said. “And I’m going to be laying on the ground and I’m going to be like Josh Allen Color Rush Jersey , ‘It was a joke.'”

Here’s one of Long’s jokes, which should have been obvious: “I see some ppl saying ‘turn on the Stanley Cup.’ Guys take too many breaks in hockey. Shift changes constantly. For instance, last night, Lebron played the entire game. I鈥檇 rather watch the grinders.”

Even though anyone with any sense should have known that Long was joking, Long needs to realize that Twitter is populated with thousands, maybe tens of thousands, maybe tens of millions Authentic Kirk Cousins Jersey , who don’t have sense.

Which means that maybe Long should have simply relegated his jokes to a burner account.

In recent years, the NHL trade deadline has been consistently disappointing. General Managers have no doubt been looking at a history of trade deadline deals playing out badly, the shortsightedness of them resulting in teams parting with long-term plans and promising prospects in favor of immediate impact, which has time and time again played out poorly. Because big trades happen so infrequently in the NHL these days, it's not surprising that there is a long list of deals that just about happened. The reasons for these deals not falling through vary. In most cases, it's because a team put together a decent offer that was then beat by an even better offer from another team. Other times, a miscommunication or even technical problems have gotten in the way of a big trade.

Often Youth Matthew Tkachuk Jersey , it takes years for fans and analysts to be able to tell how a trade panned out and which team came out as the winner.聽This is also true of deals that didn't quite materialize. An oft-cited NHL trade that didn't quite materialize was Wayne Gretzky to the Vancouver Canucks back in 1996. That was two years after the Canucks' cup run, and their roster then included Pavel Bure, Alexander Mogilny, Trevor Linden, and Markus Naslund, who was emerging as an elite scorer at that time. Instead Gretzky went to the Rangers, the team that beat the Canucks in the Stanley Cup Finals Earl Mitchell Jersey , and it has been said that the reason Gretzky didn't sign with the Canucks is because Pat Quinn鈥攖he Canucks' president and General Manager鈥攚as too pushy on the phone, which turned Gretzky off even though he'd made a verbal agreement with the team. There are all sorts of weird examples of monumental trades not quite working out for whatever reason. Let's take a look at fifteen examples that involve active players.

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